The Institute follows a path of scientifically research and public relations so as to fulfill the most important missions for giving voice to those that have not related to the political decisions made in Europe but that often affect the arabe-muslim world and the Middle East in general.

The Institute tries to reinforce its strategical presence within those organizations and institutions with the collaboration of a group of intellectuals, researchers and diplomats that make part of EIPISA’s Friends Group of Experts.

EIPISA’s Friends:

Dr. Firas Mohammad Ibrahim.

Dr. Ahmed Tohami A. Mohamed

Dr. Muhanad Seloom

Dr. Bashir Zain al Abdin

Dr. Mamdouh Elmoner

We are interested in collaborating with experts on all areas affecting the Middle East and North Africa including:

  • Human rights
  • The migration crisis
  • Protection of democracy
  • Security and Defence
  • Relations between Europe and Middle Eastern and North African  regions and states
  • Europe’s post sanction relationship with Iran
  • Human and civil rights
  • Understanding and managing islamophobia
  • The potential benefits of immigrants to Europe
  • What can be done to prevent radicalisation and promote integration
  • Economic relationships and partnerships
  • Conflict management
  • What effect of the crisis in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen
  • Analysing Russia actions in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Should Europe take action in Syria / ISIL and what would be the impacts?
  • Saudi Arabia and Egypt forming closer ties, the impact on Europe?
  • Understanding the motivations of terrorists to prevent radicalisation.
  • Europe’s partnership with Turkey
  • Conflicts and Crisis Analysis