"Reem Alfahad holds a BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University. She is from both Kuwait and the United States.

Her academic interests revolve around issues of identity and class, particularly in the way they manifest in urban spaces. She plans to pursue her postgraduate education in urban studies.

She was attracted to EIPISA because she developed an interest in Muslim and Arab identities in the European Union, and is currently serving as our Research Assistant. As the RA, she provides research and critical analyses on relevant issues, attends events related to identity and islamophobia, and contributes to EIPISA’s longer term research projects.

Prior to EIPISA, Reem worked in Medellin Colombia, where she mainly worked with issues of inclusion, the peace process, and the cultural development of low socio-economic sectors of the city.

She speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic, and is learning French and Portuguese.