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  • Tuesday, April 4 2017
  • Daniel Jiménez
  • Analysis
  • Human rights
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CBS, The Guardian, The Independent and almost all the most relevant newspapers report that airstrikes carried out by the Syrian government or Russian forces bombed rebel-held areas in Idlib province yesterday, leaving at least 58 people killed in a suspected chemical attack.

The death toll is expected to rise because there are more than 160 injured persons and some of them are in serious conditions. Dozens more suffered respiratory problems and other symptoms, the SOHR said.


The UK-based monitoring group was unable to confirm the nature of the substance, and said it was unclear if the planes involved in the attack were Syrian or those of government ally Russia. The victims were mostly civilians, it said, and included at least nine children.

The reported gas attack comes just two days ahead of the conference on Syria’s future hosted in Brussels by the European Union and the United Nations.

From EIPISA we would like to see those crimes facing the IHL, but at the same time we ask ourselves what could possibly be the purpose of perpetrating such a violation of human rights to unarmed civilians a few days before a peace conference.